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Information to Start a State Pageant

Pageant directors are some of the most passionate pageant enthusiasts in the industry.


Do you think you have what it takes to be a pageant director? 


Are you an organized, outgoing person who can get a job done?  


The Miss U.S. Latina Organization is looking for dynamic, driven individuals interested in directing a reputable pageant in their state.  As a state pageant director, you will be empowering young Latinas to achieve their dreams and to give back to their community during their title term. Most exciting of all, the young woman who represents their state’s title will go on to compete at the national level for the titles of MISS U.S. LATINA and MISS TEEN U.S. LATINA.


Our organization has been showcasing young women of Hispanic origin since 1981, celebrating their rich cultural heritage and encouraging higher educational and personal growth since its inception. The MISS U.S. LATINA program reflects the traditional values, talents, accomplishments and contributions of this country’s most powerful emerging market.

Bring this amazing opportunity to your state. Please fill out the form below and our National Office will be in contact with you.   

Directorship Request Form

Thank you for contacting us.

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