MISS U.S. LATINA 2019-20
Miss US Latina 2019 2020

Jennifer Patiño

Age 21 | California 

Jennifer Patiño, a first generation Mexican American, grew up in California and is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s in Biology Pre Med Degree at Grand Canyon University. Her goal is to one day work as a primary care physician – a dream she once thought impossible – because she realized the need for representation in the field. As a Latina doctor she plans to be an advocate for those patients who are typically marginalized. 


Her biggest encouragement has come from her parents, who have always supported her and instilled in her the importance of education. Now, while continuing her studies, Patiño also works to promote inclusivity, break down the stigmas of mental illness, and push for voting education. Her work with mental health awareness is particularly important to her, knowing that the topic is often stigmatized in the Latino community. 


A true role model, she encourages others not to limit themselves. “What’s meant for you, will never pass you by.” This motto has inspired Patiño throughout her life, and she hopes to inspire others to pursue their dreams as well – even when they seem impossible. 

Official USA Delegate to Miss Latin America of the World 2020

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